Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging, Twittering, Facebook & LinkedIn FUN!

I am doing extra special detective work in search of all the little tips, tools and tricks I can gather on the above mentioned social medias. This search is taking me far and wide - crawling under rocks and even digging up some earth. This is so much FUN! Really! I've blogged my way through YouTube video uploads; check this out: or (same exact address, but shortened so it looks and fits better.... This is a great little tool!) Linked my blog to my LinkedIn profile; check this one out too: - you have to scroll down a bit... Created a great new group for Vistage International speakers on Twitter; here Requested to join a Vistage speaker group on LinkedIn; here Responded to a comment posted on a friends' eZine; and its only been a couple of hours! Now, I have had to do some yucky research. For instance, there is a glossary of terms I had to learn for Twitter applications; I came across a few applications that are no longer valid; there are a few add-ons that should not be added-on!!! and, (I know my punctuation is bad here, so?) I've tested the waters with a few RSS Feeds that I'm not sure were worth feeding from... All in all - I really, truly, sincerely am having fun learning by doing! You know what they say right? The best way to learn something is to teach it. I can't wait for my workshop on May 14th at 5 Penn Plaza in NYC. I'm just scratching the surface and everybody's heads are going to explode! Hope to see you there. If you can't make it into NYC, don't worry - I'll be conducting the same workshop again in June in Orange County, NY. Happy Sales! Debra

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